Online shopping is WAY better than sliced bread.  You may want to incorporate online shopping as a way of pre-shopping before going to a store or as an added way to purchase items.

Here are tips, advice and shops to try out before ruling out the Internet as a resource.


  • Open 24 hours a day: This is probably the biggest benefit for people with day jobs, families and a life.  When everyone’s asleep and you’re still wide awake, it’s a perfect way to burn off energy.
  • Special sizes: I am petite (under 5’4″) and have committed to only buying petite items because the proportions are better for my body.
  • More selection: Online typically has a wider range of sizes and more inventory than a store can carry – including special sizes.  They may also have online-only items.
  • See everything: In a store, it can be hard to see all of the items due to how much time you have or how the store is laid out.
  • Organized: If you’re just looking for pants, it’s much easier to shop online because you can click “pants” and voila, they’re all right there.  No hunting and pecking an entire store.
  • Less impulse shopping: I won’t guarantee this statement, but stores are great at getting you to buy extras.  You may have a “helpful” employee bringing you extra things to try on or you may be enticed by the items around the registers.


  • Think about what brands and/or stores usually fit you well.  This can help you narrow down where you spend your time shopping online.
  • Make a list of what you’re shopping for and be specific – like sandals to wear to a wedding.  Again, this can help you narrow down where you choose to shop.
  • Order 2 sizes if you’re not sure.  This will help you focus on finding things that fit instead of being frustrated that nothing fits.
  • Be prepared to do returns.  I’ve been known to return up to 100% of an order and don’t feel one bit badly about doing it.  Most stores allow you to return items in store for free.
  • Pay attention to the related items.  If you like a shirt, what are they recommending pairing with it?  Use this for your own outfit making.
  • Create a shopping-only email address through someone like Gmail or Yahoo to keep your regular inbox clutter-free.
  • If you frequently shop a store – in person or online, sign up for email to get coupons and special offers.
  • Not all online stores are created equally.  Some online stores are actually harder to shop because the photography is poor or too small or the site is laid out badly.  If this is the case, try a different store.
  • Try out stores you wouldn’t normally shop.  No one will know and if you don’t like what you see, just close that window!


This is a sample list of places to try and by no means exhaustive, but I have shopped these sites and consider them to be adequate from a selection, style and/or shopability standpoint.

If these tips and list of stores make your eyes glaze over, Fabuliss can help you shop!  Learn more at and make sure to sign up for special offers via the Fabuliss eNewsletter!