Close-up of shoe; full-length of Michael

Meet Michael.  He is an instructor for patients with traumatic brain injuries who happened to be at the same Minneapolis wi-fi spot I camped out at today.

What initially caught my eye was Michael’s shoes.  He bought this pair at Nordstrom Rack because he “needed some brown shoes” and he says they’re really comfortable.

It’s no surprise that he gets compliments every time he wears them.

As it happens, he also knows how to put together a great smart casual outfit.

Here’s what I like about what he’s wearing:

  • A lightweight wool or mid-weight cotton v-neck sweater on top of a button down is a great way to dress up a casual look
  • A shirt with a colored stripe adds interest to a neutral palette
  • Mixing grey and khaki in the same light tone is visually unifying without being bland
  • A caramel brown shoe is an excellent choice for the warmer months
  • The length of his pants is perfect – they almost touch the floor in the back

A big thanks to Michael for letting me photograph him and agreeing to be pictured on my blog!

He ought to be on!

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