Colleen in her necklace

Colleen (@colleenmick) is one of a few Twitter people I’ve been able to meet in person, thanks to the St. Paul tweet-up she puts together.

She is one of those people who you just know is genuinely sweet to the core.

As karma would have it, I drew her name in April and she won an accessories session, which is aimed at helping clients complete outfits.

Colleen chose to focus on jewelry.  The necklace above was one of the first we came across at Macy’s Mall of America.  It’s from the Kenneth Cole collection and it’s stunning on her petite frame and creamy skin.

It’s a perfect every-day necklace because it’s acrylic (lightweight), colorful when paired with white, khaki, navy, green, yellow, brown, black, etc.  And it’s a statement piece because of the layers and color.

Colleen modeling multiple=

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A few notes about the photos above:

  • Left: we took a long strand of gold circles and layered them with the shorter necklace.  This is the girl’s night version of the necklace.
  • Middle: this is a tiger eye glass bead necklace that was in the display case.  Look how it pops on her skin!  And it turns out it was significantly discounted from the tag price.
  • Right: This silver and gold mix was a really fun piece.  It’s a long strand that can be layered once or twice.  It turned out to be too chunky and the white silver was not the best choice.

As we shopped the Macy’s counters and displays for jewelry, Colleen discovered several things that will make it easier for her to shop for pieces in the future:

  • She likes soft edges (circular) vs. hard edges
  • She likes statement pieces, even though most of her current jewelry is smaller and quieter
  • She looks great in gold as opposed to silver
  • Aquamarine blues look gorgeous on her skin
  • She likes an artisan spin so hammered gold was more appealing than a smooth, shiny gold
  • She can layer necklaces like the combination above, left
Narrowind down the options

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After a complete look, she narrowed down her choices.  Above, you can see definite themes that emerged based on what she was drawn to.

As always, it was fun to help a new client discover something new and unexpected that looks great on.

If you’re ready to get new perspective on your style, Fabuliss can help!  See for details or contact me at for information.

P.S.  Thanks to Colleen for all the tweets and for letting me use her photos on this blog!