On July 25th, the topic for participants was around the upcoming season.  Ironically, it was a ridiculously hot day but it was an amazing conversation!

Q1 What are you looking forward to wearing this fall?

  • @Fabuliss: I have rediscovered corduroy…love that it now has stretch! I have a couple of jackets I love layering over everything.
  • @kuberad i’m looking forward to wearing these new shoes i just got! mine are the hot pink ones tho 🙂 http://bit.ly/906QYH …they’re super comfy too (i’ve been wearing them all over my apartment haha)
  • @MarketingMamaMN My fave thing to wear in the whole world is knit turtlenecks. Can’t wait for it to get cold enough for that…cotton knit – where you can see the little vertical stripes. have a million in various colors (gap, banana rep., etc)
  • @KitchPantrySci Haven’t had time to read up on the fall fashion forecast, but looking forward to pulling out my jeans.
  • @ErinKlegstad scarves, cozy cardigans, skinny jeans/jeggings and boots…love ’em with flowy tanks and flip-flops right now; come fall, tall or ankle boots, long cardis, hmm… layers.
  • @EricaMayer I’m looking forward to colder weather accessories: scarves, etc…
  • @kuberad Gap has a new jean line called 1969. they’re fantastic!
  • @SarahJaneML I have a pair [of 1969 Gap jeans]! Totally love how it makes my rear end look!
  • @heARTfully Uniq looking forward to wearing “fall colors!”
  • @heARTfully Uniq …It will be a “scarf for all seasons!”
  • @LinzLovesYou tunics, sweater dresses & boots, or (gasp) belted flannel shirts… my holdover from college.
  • @SkinnerJones boots, scarves & cardigans!

Q2 There’s a lot of animal print in stores…will you wear?

  • @MarketingMamaMN animal print, hmmm. I have a giraffe print swim top in b/w. 🙂 Not big into large prints, but maybe a scarf…
  • @ShopaholicChic i’m rocking animal print shoes under my formal right now 🙂 http://yfrog.com/af1mrvj
  • @KitchPantrySci Have some cute shoes from @shopmama with just the right amount of zebra stripes that peek out from long jeans!
  • @ErinKlegstad I like animal print in small doses… perhaps an accessory like a skinny belt or scarf
  • @SkinnerJones yes, i have always loved animal prints!

Q3 What’s the one fall item you’re determined to find this year?

  • @kuberad i’m determined to find a new trench. i have a red one right now but i’m on the lookout for a classic neutral one.
  • @Fabuliss This year I WILL find a pair of brown boots for my wide/short calves 🙂
  • @KitchPantrySci I want the perfect casual boots that look amazing with jeans, have some heel but don’t kill my feet.
  • @Fabuliss Try Talbots for quality.
  • @heARTfullyUniq An AWESOME pair of sassy boots!
  • @kuberad OMG loveeee this coat! why’d you give me this website?! http://bit.ly/cULUfB
  • @SkinnerJones determined to find great casual and dressy, comfy & stylish shoes/boots that i can wear for “everyday”
  • @ErinKlegstad that’s a tough one… a statement coat or some sweet brown boots.
  • @EricaMayer Determinded to find comfy boots this fall. Also, I hear camel is back-which makes me happy 🙂
  • @MarketingMamaMN I have no idea. I own *zero* boots, so I should prob start there.
  • @Fabuliss Hopefully you saw some of the red boots s in my blog http://bit.ly/aqW6WY
  • @CydneyW I need a new pair of tall, black leather boots, bad! Boots are what I love about fall. Period.
  • @KitchPantrySci @Landsendcanvas has some cute classic trenches, but get a smaller size than you think you need for a trim fit.
  • @DevilishDelish I must find some great fall jackets. Jackets are hard for me to find a great fit in.

Q3b Where will you go boot shopping?

  • @SarahJaneML My fave pair if boots are from Born. My other fave wedge boots are by Naughty Monkey. (Luv the brand name, too!);)
  • @Fabuliss Re boots…I am going to try J Crew, Nordstrom, Zappos and Endless
  • @heARTfullyUniq Herbergers! Good Will sale is always a hit with me!
  • @UnplannedCookin Usually @Nordstrom
  • @KitchPantrySci What’s the brand of casual boots that have the horseshoe logo and almost look like cowboy boots?
  • @EricaMayer where are the best places to get boots to fit plus-sized calves?
  • @Fabuliss Eddie Bauer is another site that carries wide calf. Depends how much style you want.
  • @ErinKlegstad I usually have the best shoe shopping luck at Nordstrom, the Rack or DSW.
  • @SarahJaneML I usually start w/ Amazon & browse boot/shoe styles. They give good links to sites & u can price compare, too

Q4 What do you do to transition from summer to fall?

  • @kuberad pack away my summer clothes and bring out the tights,sweater dresses, and boots!
  • @Fabuliss Start with changing out the closet. Purge what I didn’t wear all summer. Try on fall things to see what I want to keep.
  • @heARTfullyUniq I start to transition colors and accessories and then make my way to fabrics and textures.
  • @SkinnerJones cardigans over my tanks, long sleeves under my tanks & then throw on comfy pants & boots! oh, and can’t forget the scarf!
  • @EricaMayer transitioning 2muted fall colors in my wardrobe I make sure to keep accessories bright and funky. Keeps me happy.
  • @ErinKlegstad darker colors, more layers, accessories that pop.
  • @kuberad all this talk about fall favorites makes me want to break them out right now!!
  • @SarahJaneML I don’t really have a transition routine. I just dig out my sweater turtlenecks & put my short sleeve tops away.

Q5 Will you wear white after Labor Day?

  • @heARTfullyUniq ONLY if it’s layered in with other colors! 🙂
  • @SkinnerJones yes, i love white in the winter!
  • @SarahJaneML White shirts/tops for sure.

Q6 What % of your closet is year-round?

  • @kuberad i’d say about half of my closet is year round…they’re just so many things that mix,match,&layer!
  • @heARTfullyUniq according to my precise calculations 66.82%.
  • @drembasoup Everything. The closet is large, the collection is not.
  • @EricaMayer I’d say 75% of my closet can be worn year round, with layering, etc 🙂
  • @MarketingMamaMN about 60% of my wardrobe can be worn all year. I have a LOT of turtlenecks. 🙂
  • @Cogit8r Most of my wardrobe, 65%, is year-round but I mix and match most of my wardrobe.

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