I have always wanted a pair of knee-high boots.  But my very curvy calves have never found a good match.

I’ve tried to squeeze my calves into so many boots but most of the time, the zipper stops after my ankle.

With more and more inventory available online, I’ve lusted after wide-calf boots year after year.  But I still didn’t see THE PAIR.

This year, the stars aligned.

Options Galore

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The search started early to ensure the best selection.  I looked online at Zappos, Endless and major retailers like Nordstrom and Macy’s.

The magical search keywords “wide-calf boots” netted a variety of options from casual to dress.

Which got me thinking…do I want to up the ante and try for two pair?

My geeky side quickly surfaced as I gathered all my options into one spot.  Wow, there are a lot of options!


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After I collected all of the options that caught my eye, I evaluated them against what I expected to wear them with.

It was amazing how quickly things clarified with this exercise – determining shades of brown, the details and embellishments on the boots and the general look each boot conveyed.

Because I’m petite and curvy, I really need a streamlined boot.  But I won’t settle for plain – no way, now how!

But will I like them in person?

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Waiting is the hardest part of online shopping.  But the boots finally found my doorstep on the same day and I couldn’t resist trying them on and taking pictures on one of THE HOTTEST days of the summer.

Note to self: do not ever do this again!

Quick summary:

  • The boots on the left are David Tate (Endless.com).  They are a milk chocolate brown with a little bronzer just for fun.  I plan to wear them as a dressier boot, thanks to the patent sheen.  Confession: I had to fight to get these babies zipped up.  Socks are a must.  And I did test them to make sure my circulation wouldn’t be cut off once I was in them.  They stretched out a tad as I wore them around the house and were really comfortable so I’m going to keep them.
  • The boots on the left are Donald J. Pliner (Nordstrom).  Mom – I know these are expensive but remember they were on sale!  They’re a dark brown/olive green/black mix that will be perfect for a casual boot.  These were easy to pull on and off (no zipper) and I don’t expect them to stretch out.  Comments on Nordstrom.com complain about how they don’t seem like real suede.  Honestly, I don’t care too much.  They feel suede-ish and are a great fit.  What more could a girl ask for?

Good luck finding your boots – I know a lot of you are or will be looking.  If you can, shop now for the best selection in styles and sizes.

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