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I decided to write this column after attending several great local conferences over the past couple of months, including She’s Geeky Twin Cities and Minnesota Blogger Conference.

When deciding what to wear to an event, weigh the options.  Is it more important to be comfortable, make a statement or look confident and put together?

In many cases, you don’t know most of the people attending one of these events.  What if you go to an event and meet one or all of the following?

  • The man/woman of your dreams
  • The influential person at the company of your dreams
  • A (or a bunch of) potential client(s)
  • The former boy/girlfriend
  • Your supervisor’s partner
  • Your boy/girlfriend’s family member

If you’re there to represent a company as a sponsor, on a panel or at a booth, you had better dress up.  If it’s a professional conference, opt for a suit.  If it’s not a suit and tie venue, go with a blazer and dress pants or a dress with a top layer like a blazer or structured cardigan.

If you’re an attendee, DO NOT resort to weekend wear.  Even though you may not be in the spotlight, remember that you’re the only person there representing yourself so make the most of it.

Here are a few ideas of what to wear (and what not to wear) for men:

  • Sport coat, pullover or cardigan sweater (instead of a hoodie)
  • Button down shirt (instead of a t-shirt)
  • Dress sneakers or casual loafers (instead of athletic sneakers)
  • A good haircut (instead of baseball hats)

And here’s the list for women:

  • Blazer, pullover or cardigan sweater (instead of a hoodie)
  • Button down shirt, fine knit or silk shell (instead of a t-shirt)
  • Dress shoes or boots (instead of Uggs, athletic sneakers or flip-flops)
  • Professional dresses and skirts (instead of yoga pants, pajama bottoms or muumuus)

Stay tuned this week for specific examples of what to wear for men and women including a variety of picks for Fall/Winter that can easily translate from conferences to work.

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