Going to an event where you may not know anyone is NEVER an excuse to dress like you’re going to a bar, sports event or backyard barbeque.  You should look respectable, intelligent and like someone people should get to know.


Because if you meet someone YOU want to know, you don’t want to get caught looking like you’re at the wrong place.  And if you’re still feeling the urge to fight my recommendation to sharpen up your look, ask yourself why.

While you let that sink in, here are a few ideas as to how you can step up from sloppy to spiffy based on a few people who were at the first ever Minnesota Blogger Conference.

Business Spiffy

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Organizer Arik Hanson (principal of ACH Communications), and panelist Tony Saucier (employee at Olson, author of Pounded Thumb), both did a great job of dressing great for their roles at a relaxed event.  Sport jackets and button-down shirts with pants or dark jeans are an excellent choice.

The look above says polished, professional and approachable.

Creative Spiffy

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Patrick Rhone, author of multiple blogs including Duchess Beatrix, featuring his adorable daughter and her kingdom, was one of the most stylish men at the MN Blogger Conference.

Aside from the fact that he reminds me (a lot) of Lionel Richie, he was in really smart casual that worked.

Preppy Spiffy

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So what if you’re not a vest and tie guy?  Here’s another great look similar to what I spotted on Joel Carlson, twitterview master and soon-to-be client who wants help figuring out what his style is.

This look is casual, undoubtedly comfortable and absolutely respectable.  A button-down shirt under the sweater says “work” whereas a t-shirt says “weekend.”

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Lastly, if you’re feeling shlumpy, a little hefty and/or self-conscious, fake it ’til you make it.  The baggier your clothes are, the bigger you look so opt for fitted clothes that camouflage extra weight.

Here’s a simple outfit that will ensure you look put together and confident while covering up and believe it or not, slimming you down.

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For dressier ideas for men, see my post Men’s Style for Pitching…You, Your Ideas and/or Your Company.

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