Joel Carlson, a social media marketing professional, contacted us about his men’s style because he’s ready for a style makeover.  He wants to ensure his clothing decisions convey a professional tone through a smart casual approach.

Finding his best colors is the first step for his new image.  We identified his four main body colors – eyes, hair, skin tone and the reds in his skin.  Based on those colors, we identified his remaining colors, which he’ll receive as a set of color swatches to take shopping.

Our next step will be two-part.  First, based on his measurements, we’ll give him detailed recommendations about what to wear and what not to wear.  Second, we’ll go through his closet and determine what he should keep, remove and add to his wardrobe.

Lastly, we’ll be his personal shopper.  With his colors defined, detailed recommendations about what will work best for him and a shopping list, we will help him make sense of the men’s department to help him dress for success.

To find out the best colors, styles and items for your body colors, body type and wardrobe, Fabuliss can help!

{ Fabuliss partners with Ditto & Co. to help men and women learn how to create and shop for style  that aligns with their personal brand.  Color, fit, closets and shopping.  612-554-4629 }