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When I was putting together a series of Fall outfits, I tested one outfit with the shirt tucked in vs. not tucked in.  While tucked in lengthens my legs, I don’t like how the front of the pant looks with a tucked shirt.

Here are considerations to determine whether a tucked or untucked look works best for you and your outfit:

  • Does tucking in the shirt make your legs look longer without making your torso look disproportionately short?  Ideally you want your body to look like it is in thirds – 1/3 between shoulders and waist, 1/3 between waist and knees, 1/3 from knees to the ground.
  • What does the front of your pant look like with the shirt tucked vs. untucked?
  • Does the untucked shirt hang below your top layer?  If yes, does it emphasize your hips and behind in a good way or a bad way?  Hint: a bright or light color WILL emphasize your hips and behind which will work if you need to add volume.  If you don’t need any help in the volume department, choose a color that matches your pants in terms of color or contrast.

And now, for a few real examples of how untucked and tucked shirts work on different body shapes, featuring me and my clients.



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Each of these untucked examples shown on Fabuliss clients with unique silhouettes work for different reasons.

  • Lori (left) is an inverted triangle shape with small hips compared with her shoulders and bust.  She is wearing a sweater top that hits at her high hip.  Paired with a long skirt, her proportions look great and the color contrast with a lighter color on the bottom helps to add volume to her hips.
  • Emily (middle) is an apple shape, carrying most of her weight in her middle.  Keeping her shirt untucked camouflages her middle.  A more fitted shirt – like a wrap top – would help to show off her waist and create more of a shape under her jacket.
  • Laura (right) is a triangle shape with narrow shoulders compared with her hips.  By keeping her shirt untucked, wearing a lighter color on top and adding a top layer, her shoulders look balanced with her hips.



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Tucking can work really well with the right skirt and pants on different body shapes.

  • Deanna (left) is a triangle shape.  A subtle a-line skirt skims her hips and balances nicely with a pretty pop of color on top.  The wide and wide-set sleeves give an appearance of a broader shoulder and the belt shows off her waist.  If the top was untucked in this case, her shoulder/hip difference would have been more visible.
  • Joell (middle) is a rectangle shape with balanced shoulders and hips and a subtle waist.  A tucked shirt helps to show off her slim waist under a chunky long sweater and ensures her long legs are not lost.
  • Me (right).  I am also a rectangle shape with short legs.  An untucked shirt with this outfit helps to lengthen the illusion of my legs and gives me a waist.

Long story short, it depends.  In some instances a tucked shirt will be more flattering and in others an untucked shirt will.

Fabuliss can help you transform or reinvent your shape with the right clothing – from color and fit analysis to closet evaluation and personal shopping.

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