There are numerous ways to make a memorable entrance at a semi-formal holiday party. This could include a work-related event at an elegant venue like a library, art museum or sit-down dinner or attending a fundraiser gala or ball.


Instead of solely relying on a dashing date, which we’re certainly not opposed to, try avoiding these common mistakes.

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  • Too sexy. In general, a little sexy is great but too much skin in tight fabric is too much.  If you are still working to perfect feeling sexy without looking like you’re ready to jump the next thing that walks by, err on the conservative side.
  • Too shiny/sparkly. Don’t get me wrong here.  We *love* sparkle!  But when it’s ALL we see, it can be a bit much.  When in doubt, throw a top layer over all that shine and sparkle to tone things down.
  • Too much going on. On the clothing design shows, we appreciate when the judges encourage the designers to simplify.  When there are ruffles AND sequins AND prints, it’s too much to process and we lose sight of you.
  • Too matronly or cheap. With some special occasion outfits, matronly and cheap-looking go hand-in-hand because they are overworked, tired styles and/or made out of fabric that will snag every time you sneeze.  Be conscious of hemlines (above the knee is perfect for cocktail parties) and opt for a modern style.
  • Too much holiday cheer. Overt holiday prints, jewelry and embellishments do not belong at semi-formal parties.  Period.

And now for outfit ideas that will beckon event photographers and have people talking all the way home…

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These ensembles – including looks for Plus, Petite & men – ooze sophistication.  From left to right:

Invest in one or a few of these pieces and you will be set for 2010 as well as many parties to come.

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