There’s Smart Casual and now we declare Smart Holiday – the outfit that can transition from work to party as is or with a simple change.  If your work party is a casual affair, remember that professionalism rules.


If you want to stand out, the standard fare won’t do, nor will going overboard at work to look more festive for the party.  Consider the following:

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  • Boring. So you forgot about the party when you were getting dressed.  Make time to shop over the lunch hour and look for a sparkly necklace, top or shoe that will help you feel as festive as you will surely feel.
  • Dated. “Aww, cuuute” does not command respect.  Reserve these mementos for family affairs and opt for accessories that elevate your presence.
  • Tired. A nothing-special matchy-match outfit does not belong at the office or at the holiday party.  A more interesting outfit will help you differentiate yourself from your peers while networking up the chain of command.
  • Club-Bound. If you work in the entertainment industry, this *might* be appropriate office attire.  Then again, it will still look better in a celebrity-wanna-be-filled club on a reality TV show.  Your outfit should go from work to party without screaming I’M GOING TO A PARTY!
  • Goofy. At work, the Class Clown is great for culture but will not get as much respect when it comes to raises and promotions.  Leave the costumes in the closet until Halloween.

And now, outfit ideas that will ensure you’re ready for the big night, after a productive day.

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Consider these hard working looks for regular, Plus, Petite and men from left to right:

A mix of every day professional and evening can be exceedingly productive when done well.

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