Brunettes in black

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People with brown hair are on the warmer end of the spectrum.  Black roots, cool skin tones and blue eyes can quickly neutralize warmth while brown eyes and olive skin will add a lot of warmth.

The examples above show how different temperatures look in black. Brown hair with cool undertones or black roots can look good paired with black but there are always alternate options.

Non-Black Alternatives

Brunettes in colors

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If you have brown hair, consider muted colors in medium-to-dark shades near your face.


  • Wear your eye color
  • Wear shades that are similar in contrast to your hair…the darker your hair, the darker shade you can wear


  • Bright colors that will overpower your features
  • Pastel colors that will wash your complexion out
  • Too cool of a palette – like all grey – unless you have a lot of grey in your hair and eyes

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