Client Mary Wearing Different Jackets

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A recent client, Mary, had no shortage of clothing and was looking for feedback on what fits and why.

The outfits above left and above right are the most successful with a few suggestions for improvement:

  • A shorter length for a 1st layer will help to lengthen the legs and hint at a waist.
  • More fitted translates to a taller, leaner look.


Color Stories That Work

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You can have the best fit in the world but if the color does not work, you are sunk.

Fabuliss found the above color combinations to work beautifully for Mary.

  • The berry color mixed with grey matches her lip color and hair color.
  • Light grey compliments her hair color while the blue color of her jacket mimics her eyes.

In the wrong colors, Mary will look older than she is or people might see and only remember what she was wearing and not Mary.


More outfits, evaluating color, texture & print

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When it comes to color, print and texture together, there are a few tips and tricks to make it all work.

The above outfit examples show off a few dos and don’ts:

  • Do choose a print that is proportional to your height and width.
  • Do choose a sparkle or sheen in a dark color to feel glamorous without drawing too much attention to problem areas.
  • Do not feel the need to buy a color and wear it because it fits with a certain occasion, especially if it is not your best color.
  • Do mix and match colors.
  • Do not wear something if there is a high contrast horizontal stripe and you are petite and/or plus.

Stay tuned for the final installment of this 3-part series on Friday, February 25 2011.  We’ll look at mix and match ideas plus my picks for best of the best.

Learn more about Victory Ventures, which is how I met Mary.  As part of Victory Ventures, I help people take care of their body/image in order to thrive personally & professionally.

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