Reintroducing Mary

Mary is a great client!  We shopped together last year and she attended two workshops I gave in Wisconsin, her home state.  This year, she returned to the Mall of America for another shopping trip.

Her goal: to feel more confident in her clothing and on-par with her peers.  She is a VP for a S&P 500 company, leading software development for banking products.


Because I have worked with Mary, I was able to do a fair amount of pre-shopping before she arrived.  I pulled a combination of suits, shells and separates that would easily mix and match.

Trying Outfits
Once Mary arrived, she began the work of trying on outfits and seeing what worked on her shape, what she felt comfortable in and what spoke to her.

From left to right:

  • I liked the outfit on the far left for a more casual day but she was not feeling comfortable in white pants – they’re bright and not as functional.
  • The mushroom colored suit was a winner until we found a similar navy version, which she knew was THE ONE as soon as she tried it on.
  • The navy suit with piping detail has great details that will help differentiate her from her peers.
  • The outfit on the far right is a pair of navy suit pants that go with the matching 3/4 sleeve jacket or the tailored white shirt she is wearing.


The accessories above are a sample of what will help Mary top off  her outfits to add to her differentiation – from a more casual beaded necklace that can be layered with metallics to a mix of metal and beads to translucent beads that will go with everything.

And shoes.  Last year was the first time Mary tried something as daring as a peep-toe.  This year, she was incredibly excited about the stylish black shoe and to my surprise and delight, she fell head-over-heels for a navy patent pump.

Wish List

Last, but not least, we started a wish list.  And I can’t believe it (or can I?) but it includes a red shoe!  Not too bright and not too harsh of a heel, this one will keep her from looking like Dorothy in ruby heels.

This comprehensive shopping trip refreshed Mary’s closet and will keep her outfitted for the season.

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