One Karina Dress, Multiple Options

I was thrilled to discover Karina Dresses, a company that designs dresses for women of all ages and body types.  They generously shared the Marisa Dress, pictured above, to try on and share my thoughts with Fabuliss fans.

Since I know you love to see different ways to wear things, here goes!

Casual Summer

Casual Summer Look

The dress, by itself, is perfect for a casual warm-weather look, accompanied by a bold necklace and fun shoe.

  • For travel – I could easily wear this and bring a wrap on the plane with me.  Imagine stepping into the warm sun of a tropical locale!
  • For weddings – for a daytime wedding outside, this would work great. Dress it up with a colorful wrap.
  • For happy hour – of course! Change your shoes and necklace and leave the jacket or sweater in the car.
  • For work – I highly recommend pairing the dress with a top layer (see the looks below).

Crisp Summer Look

Karina Dress Crisp Summer Look

A lightweight jacket in a lighter color is a great way to say “summer” for a variety of occasions, paired with a bold necklace and solid shoe.

  • For travel – step off the plane ready for a meeting. The stylish flat shoes on the right will help you get from point A to point B.
  • For weddings – this could be the perfect look to wear to a colleague’s wedding – professional with a touch of elegance.
  • For happy hour – if your happy hour is with the boss, the top layer is a must.
  • For work – I would wear this for a meeting with clients or colleagues – it’s crisp and professional.

Cooler Weather Look

Karina Dress Cooler Weather Look

With fall just around the corner, it’s essential to stretch summer pieces into fall.  A thicker jacket or sweater will work every time. Pair it with a bold necklace and a shoe or boot.

My Final Thoughts

  • This is an incredibly comfortable dress and, aside from the hem length, it fit my 5’0″ frame.
  • It was a flattering style for my rectangle shape, accentuating me at the waist while keeping my shoulders and hips balanced.
  • I was delighted to discover that, after the dress laid crumpled on a bench for at least a week, awaiting hemming, it was wrinkle-free. Yay (and don’t tell my mom)!
  • One thing I’d like to see them change is to offer some staple fabric colors/patterns that will always be in stock.

A Few Words About Karina Dresses

  • Manufactured in Brooklyn, NY in small batches with limited fabrics.
  • Imported microfiber blend fabric with 4-way stretch, machine washable.
  • Available in a variety of styles and sizes – from size 4-20 depending on the dress.
  • The company is seeking brand ambassadors in all 50 states to participate in its upcoming home-based selling initiative.
  • Learn more at and


Need help picking out a Karina dress for our body type?  Learn more about Fabuliss personal shopping.

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