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What is a Style Board?

If you struggle with how to answer “what’s your style” then a style board can be a great place to begin.

When I did my first style boards, which admittedly were merely magazine pages I set aside, it was revealing to look through them and see themes.  My pile of pages helped me understand and begin to articulate what I was drawn to and helped me immensely when it came to shopping.

Know that it is perfectly OK to create a new one tomorrow, in six months or six years from now.  Your personal style will always be an evolution, thanks to retailers who love to offer us new things every few months.

However your style story changes, a style board can be a great way to help you define where you are at or serve as inspiration and aspiration for the future.

Style Board Criteria
Style Board Criteria

Use the following as a guideline for starting your board and modify as you see fit.

1) Find or write out your power word(s).  This is what makes you feel invincible, like you can conquer anything and feeds your soul.

2) Find or write out words that define how you want to be perceived, how you want to be remembered and/or the impression you want to make.

3) Identify colors that you love to wear because they make you feel, well, awesome.

4) Find images that help you visualize #1 and #2.  For example, if one of your power words is sassy, what does that look like?

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See the Fabuliss Results

Since my original pile of pages are in a box somewhere in the basement, you get to see examples (left) from She’s Geeky Twin Cities.

Say what?

Yes, I led a session at She’s Geeky, an unconference for women in STEM, where we sat around the tables and made style boards and then shared what was created.  The results speak for themselves.

Each style board was unique in terms of wording and imagery and each woman’s presentation of her style board was just as individual.

Host your own style board party as a group event (a.k.a. Image Boutique).

Get expert help defining your style with a Fabuliss appointment.

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