This blog post is based on one of the most basic things I do for clients: helping them see clothes and themselves through a different lens.  In this case, someone helped me see something I wasn’t planning to make time for.

Not For Me

When I first saw the Ventura dress by Etcetera in the catalog and online, I categorized it as “not for me.”  I had no intention of giving it a second look or trying it on.

Why?  Because it doesn’t look like it has any shape on the model and it doesn’t come in a petite clothing size.

No Way

And then I saw it in person when shopping the Fall 2013 collection with Savvy Girls and Friends.  While Leslie said it looks great on, I looked at it on the hanger and thought, “no way.”

Why?  It looked shapeless and lifeless and was not calling my name in any way, shape or form.

I Love It

As you can see, once I tried the sample size on (it runs large), I was delighted to discover that it not only fit, but it looked great on.

I plan to wear this now with heels and into fall/winter with tights and boots.  The fabric content (polyester/spandex) will make it easy for travel as well as every day.  And it will look perfect paired with a sweater, jean jacket or blazer.

A fresh perspective can inspire incredible things – from small things like a new dress to major life changes.  When you’re ready, try it and be open to the possibilities.

P.S. Thanks to Kelle for inspiring this post.