Mary Buerkle GrantAnn NelsonCharles BetzAlison Fairbanks

Working with Sasha is a big time saver for me. I am a plus size-petitie and she knows exactly what stores and styles will work for me.

She also helped outfitting my son heading off to college so he had just the right amount of clothes with a mix of styles. Great job!

Mary Buerkle Grant, Owner at Buerkle Honda-Hyundai, Acura

What you did for me was such a gift, and has helped give me peace of mind going into the new year.

Ann Nelson, Owner at Ann Plans

Sasha helped me tremendously in upgrading my image through wardrobe review and working with a selected hair stylist. She wasn’t afraid to voice opinions about what was working for me, and not. I plan to keep working with her.

Charles Betz, IT Strategist, Architect and Advisor

Just like her name says, it was a Fabuliss experience. I feel so much more confident in front of clients. It’s amazing what the right clothes can do for you. (And what a joy to know what to wear in the morning!)

Sasha’s expertise is worth every penny. If you want to get noticed, get this woman on your team. (Want her card? I now carry a stack in my purse!)

Alison Fairbanks, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Shop Class Creative

An Important Investment

“I have more confidence and am dressing more professionally. I feel less like I am being judged about what I am wearing because I have confidence that wasn’t there before.”

“This is a great investment in my career profile and self esteem.”

“Thank you for everything! I really feel that if the offer comes through on this job, a huge part of it has to do with the confidence I felt while wearing my new outfits.”

“I still struggle with my size. It was great to have that personal face-to-face advice about what looks good with my shape. It definitely helped to know that I should try a smaller size even though I would never have thought to do that and, often, those clothes looked better!”

“I felt confident in the interview outfit that Fabuliss helped me pick out, and it gave me one less thing to be nervous about.”


A Productive Approach

“Sasha’s advice is grounded in style basics. Never prescriptive, she won’t try to make you wear things you don’t love. She steers you to things that work for your body and your tastes.”

“In the future I’m definitely setting up another apt. I’ve worked with other stylists and never had the results I did with Fabuliss…I’m so thankful to have had this opportunity.”

“More than I expected! Thank you so much for the awesome outfits! I can’t begin to explain how good it feels to have people take a second glance at you because you look so put together…Thanks again for everything!”


Change is Good

“It felt amazing getting up in the morning and not having to fight with my closet. I’ve never had do many looks walking down the street! It felt great and so did I!”

“I learned to take risks…Fabuliss helped me look at things I normally wouldn’t look at in terms of style, fit and color…In the end, it’s is a time saver – it helps you get where you need and want to go, faster.”

“I found new places to buy accessories that were hip and affordable. And I’ve always been ‘accessory challenged.’ Sasha patiently (stress patiently) guided me through numerous options at numerous stores until I got the hang of it. Now it’s fun.”

“I feel a little reinvigorated, like I’ve broken out of some style ruts.”

“It’s so helpful to understand how others see you…I learned how to not be afraid of color…When you’re more confident in what you’re wearing, you feel better.”


What Fabuliss Attendees Are Saying



“Ms. Westin automatically pulled me in to the discussion.”

“The content for this event was really good, and meaningful to us professionals dealing with the corporate world.”

“I enjoyed learning about dressing for success and about the role that image can play at work. As they say; ‘You do not have to be a work of art, but you can wear a work of Art.'”


Private Parties

“Loved the info, love the party atmosphere, want to learn more and more!”

“Not only do I get compliments from those that attended the party but also from complete strangers.”